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Wilby by Cassie Brace

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SOLE Wilby by Sculptor Cassie Brace has been painted using many layers of translucent professional air dry paint and finished off with a matt varnish giving her skin a velvety feel.

She has lots of newborn details including finely painted lanugo, tiny eyelid veins, a sucky blister on her lip and realistic peeling skin on her hands and feet.

Wilby's hair and been micro/mono rooted using high quality mohair and has a pretty swirl at the crown adding to her realism, her hair is beautifully soft and shiny, her eyelashes have been rooted using the same mohair.

She is very cuddly and feels just like a real baby, her length is 19inches and she weights approximately 3lb 9ozs.

Wilby will go home with a beautiful box opening containing outfits of my choice along with some accessories, she will also go home with all her paperwork.

Wilby is available for £575 with free UK postage.

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